Product description

This is a broadcasting reception module that is embedded in various video equipment such as TV or set-top box.

It receives broadcasting signal from broadcasting station, selects broadcasting channel desired by consumers, and realizes high quality image/voice through noise cancellation and signal amplification.

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Ultra slim
Ultra thin
High sensitivity
    Ranked 1st in the global market share
    Supports global TV broadcasting system
    High sensitivity/high image quality

    Flexible control of broadcasting signal with LNA circuit

    Robust design for increased field safety

    Built-in isolator structure for controlling overvoltage

    Circuit protection design against static electricity

Product type

Category Specification
Half NIM1)
    IF output w/o Digital Demodulator
    CVBS/SIF outputs
Full NIM
    MPEG TS, CVBS/SIF outputs
Combo NIM
    Received Air/Cable & Satellite signals
Dual NIM
    Dual inputs & outputs for PIP function

1) NIM : Network Interface Module

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