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LG Innotek to Participate in “Automotive World Nagoya 2019” Held in Japan

2019. 11. 05.

Seoul, South Korea, Sep. 16th, 2019 – LG Innotek today announced it will participate in “Automotive World Nagoya 2019”, an automotive technology exhibition held in Port Messe Nagoya, Nagoya, Japan, for three days from 18th to 20th this month.

Originally, “Automotive World” is the world’s largest automotive technology exhibition held in Tokyo. Since Nagoya is the center of the Japanese automobile industry, exhibitions have been held here since last year.

LG Innotek has organized an exhibition booth that reflects the latest automotive trends such as advanced vehicle lighting and connected cars. In the exhibition, the company will show a total of 20 cutting-edge vehicle parts under the themes of ▲ vehicle LED modules and ▲ communication modules.

For vehicle LED modules, the company will introduce “Nexlide series”, the next generation vehicle LED light sources, reflecting the company’s unique light-emitting structure design technology.

“Nexlide-HD”, first unveiled at this exhibition, emits bright and even light from all five surfaces except the substrate contact surface, which is the first time in the industry. This product can produce uniform light without extra parts such as plastic molds and Inner Lens. The reason is that the company applied its own optical design technology and used LED packages that spread the light almost 180 degrees wide.

Vehicle exterior lamps equipped with this product have thickness that is 30% of the existing ones. In addition to that, the product enables the production of unique vehicle lightings with various designs such as straight lines, curved lines, waves, and three-dimensional figures. This is possible because the product is made of silicone and can produce shapes that you want freely.

Also, you can see all of the company’s Nexlide products such as “Nexlide-L”, which implements the thinnest beam width of 2.6mm among the vehicle exterior LED lightings, and the ultra-thin “Nexlide-C”, which enables three-dimensional images.

For communication module parts, the company will introduce V2X modules, including “C-V2X” (Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything) which is attracting attention as the next-generation automotive part, as well as Bluetooth / Wi-Fi modules, cellular modules, and low-power Bluetooth solutions.

LG Innotek’s communication modules are compatible with various standards including communication standards, providing excellent compatibility. They are expected to be key components that will enhance the safety of connected cars and autonomous vehicles in the future due to their excellent durability and reliability.

V2X modules are state-of-the-art products that exchange information between vehicles and objects. In this exhibition, C-V2X module, which can use mobile communication technology, and DSRC-V2X module, which is based on dedicated short range communication (DSRC), will be introduced.

The Bluetooth / Wi-Fi modules are components that implement short-range wireless communication such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi in a vehicle. The cellular modules are products that enable services such as emergency rescue, theft prevention, voice call, data communication, and vehicle position check using a mobile communication network.

There is also a space to experience BLE solutions for connectivity between vehicles and smartphones. This technology detects driver’s position automatically and allows him to open and close the vehicle’s door or starting-up.

A representative from the company said, „We will prove our competitiveness through vehicle parts that provide innovative and differentiated value to our customers.”

The company will be available for meetings at Automotive World Nagoya 2019 at booth #115 at the Hall 3.


[Photo caption: Mockup which is adopted LG Innotek’s Nexlide-HD]