We have been committed to our promises, and as a result, our achievements are recognized by external agencies

LG Innotek is making efforts to create better future than the past through the activities for continuous improvement. We are creating synergy based on the systematic internal collaboration and the active communications with the external stakeholders to secure reliability.
As a result of such activities, we are recognized by the various organizations as follows.

DJSI(Dow Jones Sustainability Indices) Certification

* Industry Mover: Given to the company which made the greatest improvement of the score

** Class: Given based on the degree of gap compared with the industry leader (Gold: under 1%, Silver: 1%~5%, Bronze: 5~10%)

2016 Certified as a member of the 2016/2017 DJSI Korea for 7 consecutive years,
selected as a sector leader in the Electronic Equipment, Instruments & Components industry in Korea, **Bronze Class
2015 Certified as a member of the 2015/2016 DJSI Korea for 6 consecutive years, **Bronze Class
2014 Certified as a member of the 2014/2015 DJSI Korea for 5 consecutive years, **Bronze Class
2013 Certified as a member of the 2013/2014 DJSI Korea for 4 consecutive years
2012 Certified as a member of the 2012/2013 DJSI Korea for 3 consecutive years, *Industry Mover
2011 Certified as a member of the DJSI Korea for 2 consecutive years
2010 Certified as a member of the DJSI Korea

CDP(Carbon Disclosure Project) Prize

2019 Carbon Management Sector Honors (sektor IT)
CDP Water Good Enterprise
2018 CDP Water Best Enterprise (2 kolejne lata)
2017 CDP Water Best Enterprise
2016 Listed 2 consecutive years in Carbon Management Sector Honors (IT sector) (First rank in the industry)
2015 Listed in Carbon Management Sector Honors (IT sector) (First rank in the industry)
2011 Special Prize in Carbon Management as a new participant

ESG Evaluation by Corporate Governance Service

2015 Awarded as the Best ESG Company

Year ESG Integration Environment (E) Society (S) Governance (G)
2019 B+ B+ A B+
2018 A A A+ B+
2017 A A A+ B+
2016 A A A+ A
2015 A A A A
2014 A A A A
2013 A A A B+
2012 A A A B+
2011 A A A B+

Sustainability Report Award

2014 Won Gold at LACP Spotlight Award in Sustainability
2011 Won Bronze at **LACP Spotlight Award in Sustainability Won Sustainability Report Award in Global Standard Management Award (hosted by KMA, Korea Management Association)

Won Bronze at Astrid Awards*

* Astrid Awards: One of the world's 3 major award ceremonies evaluating companies' promotion assets along with the Mercury Awards and the ARC Awards

LACP** Spotlight Award

** LACP(League of American Communications Professionals) : An award ceremony hosted by LACP which appraises the competitiveness of the IR and promotional communication assets of companies and announces the results thereof.


Certificates for Subsidiaries

Kategoria Zakłady Zarządzanie jakością
Zarządzanie ochroną środowiska
ISO 14001
Zarządzanie BHP
OHSAS 18001
Zarządzanie energią
ISO 50001
Odpowiedzialność społeczna
Bezpieczeństwo informacji
ISO 27001
Oddział materiałów podłożowych TS Gumi IATF 16949
PKG IATF 16949
PM/OM ISO 9001
TW IATF 16949
Oddział rozwiązań optycznych CM Gumi ISO 9001
LM ISO 9001
Oddział komponentów elektronicznych RF/Power Gwangju ISO 9001
WM ISO 9001
Komponenty motoryzacyjne IATF 16949
Pyeongtaek IATF 16949
LED Paju IATF 16949
ISO 9001
podmioty zależne
YT Yantai, Chiny IATF 16949
ISO 9001
HZ Huizhou, Chiny IATF 16949
ISO 9001
- - -
PO Wroclaw, Polska IATF 16949 - - -
IN Jakarta, Indonezja ISO 9001 - - -
MQ San Juan del Rio, Meksyk IATF 16949 - - - -
VH Haiphong, Wietnam ISO 9001 -