HR Policies

LG 이노텍은 사람을 가장 중요하게 생각합니다.


LG Innotek offers positions that help our employees and leaders achieve their full potential.


Job Placement

The company allows employees to continue applying for a position from their very first day to ensure
that they’re satisfied with their job.

Job Placement Consultation
New recruits participate in a job
placement consultation session
to determine where they should be placed. (During the consultation session,
recruits learn about the characteristics,
main duties, and expected roles of
different jobs.)
Care Coaching
Employees are coached and interviewed by their team leaders each year so that they can be
trained in the areas and for the
positions they desire.
Job Posting
Employees can apply for positions (overseas position, new project, etc.)
in the job posting system.


Our employees’ capabilities and performance in their role are assessed fairly, and the results of the assessment are used to determine their training and compensation.



The company uses a performance-oriented reward system to motivate its employees.

Fixed Remuneration
Basic Annual Wage
Annual Salary System(Wages and regular bonuses are paid every month, while holiday bonuses are paid on lunar new year's day and Korean Thanksgiving day)
Flexible Remuneration
Performance-based incentive
Provide to an individual and commensurate with "the evaluation grade by his/her own performance" and "Business profit of the company"
Irregular Incentive
Employees receive incentives whenever they achieve excellent performance
Pay for performance
Pay for performance based compensation(Profit Sharing)