Product description

This product combines the advantages of manual and automatic transmission.

It automatically shifts the gear through motor operation. With two motors mounted in one machine, one motor serves as the even-numbered level gear, while the other serves as the odd-numbered level gear.

It has excellent durability and stability, and it is also outstanding in relieving shock caused by gear shifts and thus, improving fuel efficiency.

Product Inquiry

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High Efficiency
Long Service Life
    Fast responsiveness
    Low cogging torque (difference between largest and smallest change in torque)

Product Type

Item Gen 2.0 Gen 1.0
Magnet Rare-earth free Nd sintered
Stall Torque (Nm) 0.95 Min 1.0 Min
No-Load Speed (rpm) 5,350 ± 10% 5,100 ± 10%
Cogging Torque (Nm) 0.04 Max 0.03 Max