Product description

This product is an LED package for indoor/outdoor lighting.

Product Inquiry

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High power
High performance
    A lineup of various packages optimized for lighting such as mid power, high power, high voltage
    Support for broad output (0.2W ~ 60W)
    High-performance solution for its price
    It can be installed in various lighting fixtures and has high design freedom
    High reliability (LM80 certified)
    Supports DC / AC type

Product type

Type Description Specification
M/P Form Factor optimized for various lighting products World's best luminous efficiency -3030: 140lm/W(@150mA)
-3528 B103(3V): 148lm/W(@150mA)
-3528 C201(6V): 140lm/W(@150mA)
-3528 C301(9V): 137lm/W(@100mA)
-5630: 202lm/W(@65mA)
H/P High power package with vertical chip applied High luminous efficiency for chip area - CSP 1919 : 160lm/W(@350mA)
- H35C4 : 176lm/W@(350mA)
- H35F : 157lm/W(@1.05A)
- H70E : 141lm/W(@700mA)
COB Excellent color rendering and luminous efficiency Compact design - 7W ~ 56W : 149lm/W~154lm/W
HV(High Voltage) High voltage (22V, 32V, 67V) Single Chip applied Optimized for AC Direct Solution - 5250(32V) : 150lm/W~175lm/W
- 5250(67V) : 143lm/W~166lm/W