Product description

This is a next-generation solution for the management of retail stores. It displays information in real time using electronic paper (e-paper) and display instead of printing product information and price on paper.

Product Inquiry

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High performance
Low power consumption
    High scalability: One gateway can serve multiple product platforms
    High network reliability
    Quick image download available

Product type

Category Description
EMS User Friendly Software
Tag Monitoring / Image Template Editing
Gateway Capacity Over 2,000-tags per one gateway
Wireless IEEE802.15.4 PHY (2.4GHz) with 2-channel
LoS 30m
Tag Battery Coin (CR2450, CR2477)
Lite Time 5-year (changeable by events)
Display e-paper, TFT Color
Firmware Upgraded by air
Accessory Remote Control, various profiles & adaptor for shelf