Product description

This is a PCB manufactured by layering conductor layer / insulation layer one by one.

Interlayer electrical circuit is supplied by using a laser drill, and its wiring density is higher than the conventional PCB since it uses circuit wiring of fine pattern.

Product Inquiry

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High multi layers
High density
Ultra slim design
    Implementation of fine line width

    Line & Space - 40um / 40um

    Ultra-slim structure

    Thickness: 0.60mm (at 12Layer)

    High yield rate

    Anylayer(The highest level in the world)

Product type

Category Specification
EPD, EPAD Passive Device : 0402 Scale available
Active Device : WLP, Bare Die Available
Cavity PCB Cavity Size : Max 40 * 40mm
(With Pad, Without Pad)
Anylayer Thickness : 0.6mm (at 12Layer)
Fine Pattern : Line & Space 40/40um

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