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LG Innotek mass produces thermoelectric modules for Wine Cellars

2017. 05. 15.

LG Innotek today announced it has mass produced thermoelectric modules for Wine Cellars. This product has been applied to the recently launched ‘Wine Cellar Mini’ by LG Electronics.

A thermoelectric module is an electronic cooling and heating component that controls temperature by sup-plying electricity to a semiconductor element. It uses the “Peltier effect” in which, when electricity flows to metals of different properties, one side is heated and the other side is cooled.

LG Innotek’s thermoelectric module makes it possible to produce smaller and lighter wine cellars. The width and height of the module are approximately half of those of an A4 Paper and its thickness is as slim as 8.5cm. Its volume is about 60% of the whole compressor volume.

In fact, LG Electronics’ “Wine Cellar Mini” installed with this module has a size of 28.2×49.7×53.4cm and can be freely installed in kitchens, living rooms, etc. As it can store up to 8 wine bottles, it is very practical and appropriate for home use.

The thermoelectric module does not use a separate refrigerant and does not cause vibration and protects the environment. This is also the secret to maintaining the depth and aroma of the wine.

In addition, this product has an excellent cooling function and can maintain optimal temperature according to the type of wine. You can set the temperature from 8℃, at which a sparkling wine can maintain its refreshing taste, to 16℃, which is good for the red wine, changing the temperature by 1℃ increment. LG Innotek could lower the temperature to 8℃ by using its proprietary high-performance thermoelectric device.

Through LG Innotek, home appliance manufacturers may be supplied with thermoelectric modules that are purpose-optimized. This is due to the fact that the company provides a total service that includes R&D, pro-duction, and quality management of the thermoelectric module.

The company manufactures a thermoelectric device for which its ultra-fine nano technology is applied at the nm level. The company raised its performance by analyzing the element structure to up to 1 billionth meter.

A company official said that “The thermoelectric module is easy to use and easy to optimize according to its purpose.” and “LG innotek plans to expand its applications to HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) of automobiles from home appliances.”

According to TMR (Transparency Market Research), a market research firm, the global thermoelectric modules market size is expected to grow from 642.3 to 441.7 million dollars.

LG Innotek’s thermoelectric modules for wine cellars