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LG Innotek Introduces Innovative and High Performance LED Product

2016. 03. 14.

Seoul, Korea, Mar 14, 2016 – LG Innotek (CEO: Jong-Seok Park) showcased LED products for lighting which has enhanced performance and convenience to Europe lighting market.

The company unveiled more than 30 LED products and next-generation lighting solution at Light + Building 2016 held in Frankfurt, Germany from March 13 to 18.

LG Innotek also offered the visitors to experience its differentiated performance of the prod-ucts by organizing its exhibition booth into three zones: ▲New Technology ▲Smart Solution and ▲Performance Leading.

New Technology Zone showcased innovative products increase convenience of customer, such as DOB (Driver on Board) LED modules and Chip Scale Package (CSP).

DOB LED modules do not require any separate device since Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS) is integrated into one PCB. Customers can easily design product and adopt them for indoor lighting.

This product eases eye fatigue by reducing the flicker percent to 20% or less at all dimming range and enables dimming functions.

CSP refers to LED chips wherein phosphor is coated directly improving price competitive-ness while eliminating additional manufacture processes. Without any PCB or lead frame, the product dimension is roughly 50% smaller than the existing LED package since its diameter is only 1.9mm (1919 series). 0.8mm (0808 Series)

Smart Solution Zone attracted customers as it introduced Visible Lighting Communication (VLC), LED lightings for automotive combining LED to IoT and technology of the automotive.

VLC is the cutting-edge communication solution that can transmit data using the visible ray emitted by LED. IoT environment and accurate indoor positioning is possible where LED lighting is available.

LG Innotek demonstrated their proprietary solution, Photo-diode based type. In addition, The company also cooperated with Qualcomm to demonstrate the Lumicast indoor positioning technology which uses front facing cameras on smartphones to deliver centimeter level ac-curacy to satisfy a number of indoor use cases on any smartphones.

Three-dimensional LED lighting module, for front and rear lights of automotive, enables vari-able design including line, square, round shape according to concept and usage.

Performance Leading Zone featured high-performance LED products such as High Power LED Packages and Chip on Board (COB) Packages.

LG Innotek’s High-Power LED Package realized the world’s highest output of 180lm/W and optimized for outdoor/indoor applications such as street, plant, harbor needed bright lighting.

The company unveils 200 Watt high powered COB package, mounting multiple LED Chips in one Package, emits very strong light. It is optimized for commercial lighting which requires intensive lighting in a particular place, such as sports lightings.

LG Innotek said “Many visitors’ attention was drawn to the new product with convenient us-age and high-efficacy.”, “This attention connected with satisfaction. The company will launch the differentiated product based on customer’s value to transfer this attention to customer’s satisfaction.”

The company will be available for meetings at Light + Building 2016 at booth B30 located in Hall 6.2.


[PHOTO CAPTION] Visitors are looking around the LED product and lighting solution in the booth of LG Innotek