Jeong-Do Management

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Receipt of Reward(money or other valuables) from Interested Parties
Receipt of Money (money or gift including securities), Entertainment Treat and Reception, Conveniences and Accommodations, Loan (movable and immovable estates), Debt Redemption, Guarantee and Money Loan, Guarantee of Future (promise of employment opportunity, promise from contracts)
Share in the Unjust Profits of Business Partners
Receipt of Stocks and Investment, Joint Investment and Acquirement of Joint Property
Lack of Clarity in the Selection of Business Partners
Allowance of Unfair Opportunities, Unfair Transaction Acts, Information Leaking of Supply Company
Illegal and Unfair Use of Company Assets
Use of Material/Immaterial Assets for Other Purposes, Embezzlement and Diversion of Company Funds
Manipulation of Documents / Numerical Figures and False Reporting
Accounting Fraud, Manipulation of Data
Other Violations of the Code of Ethics
Neglect of duty and/or management, Arrogation

Informant Protection

LG will treat your report with the highest level of confidentiality. The informant's personal information and report contents are under the strict control of the Ethics Bureau. Moreover, the Ethics Hotline system is protected by a secure encryption program. Those working in the Ethics Bureau and handling claims are under oath to keep information regarding reports confidential. These include the personal information of the informants.

Reporting Process

The informants will be notified regarding the next process once the reported claims are identified to be true.

Ethics Bureau

Address: Ethics Bureau, LG Innotek, E1/E3, 30, Magokjungang 10-ro, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, 07796, Korea

Phone: 080-660-5400