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Supplier Code of Conduct

01. Respecting the human rights of workers (Labor) 02. Health and safety 03. Environment-friendly workplace management (Environmental)

Free chosen employment (prohibition of forced labor)

Prohibition of child employment and management of juvenile workers

Working hours

Wages and benefits

Humane treatment


Freedom of association

Occupational Safety

Emergency preparedness

Prevention of occupational injury and illness

Managing the exposure of harmful factors in the working environment

Physically demanding work

Machine safeguarding

Cafeteria and dormitory management (sanitation, food, housing)

Health and safety education

Compliance with environmental laws (Environmental permits and reporting)

Pollution prevention and resource reduction

Hazardous substances

Solid waste

Air Emissions

Compliance with regulations regarding hazardous substances in products and processes

Water management

Energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission

04. Ethics 05. Responsible sourcing 06. Management system

Compliance with "Jeong-Do" management (Business integrity)

No improper advantage

Disclosure of information

Protection of intellectual property

Fair trade, advertising and competition

Protection of identity and non-retaliation

Personal information protection

Guarantee of legitimate mining of raw materials distributed throughout the whole supply chain

Company commitment

Management accountability and responsibility

Responding to external requirements

Risk assessment and management

Setting and management of objectives

Training and communication

Worker feedback and improvement

Auditing and assessments

Corrective action process

Documentation and records

Supplier responsibilities

※ See LG Innotek suppliers code of conduct