Vision / Culture

고객이 꿈꾸는 편리하고, 안전하며 즐거운 미래! LG이노텍이 만들어가겠습니다.


Going beyond simply being a materials and components company, we aim to consistently provide values to our customers with differentiated materials and components engineering services to eventually make every customer a winner.

Creating a Better Future with Innovative Technologies
A Materials & Components Engineering Service Company Making Every Customer a Winner
Core Value
Focus on Essence,
Deep Thinking New Challenges,
Persistent Execution Integrity

Organizational culture

LG Innotek pursues to be "a workplace where all employees cannot wait to go to work."

LG Innotek believes that our employees can concentrate on their works, create new ideas, and
produce achievements continuously when they are happy.

a workplace where all employees cannot wait to go to work

Sense of Being
ㆍAt Work  
ㆍAt Home  
ㆍIn society  
Sense of Achievement
ㆍFeel pride in your work 
ㆍMotivation to perform 
Positive atmosphere in the workplace