창업과 기반구축, 성장과 발전 그리고 최첨단 소재·부품기업으로 도약하고 있습니다.


  • 2018.11
    Developed C-V2X Module for Automotive
  • 2018.11
    Mass-produces Thermoelectric Modules for Table Refrigerator
  • 2018.11
    Developed Nexlide-L for Automotive Ultra-slim Line Lamps
  • 2018.9
    Award 'GM Supplier Quality Excellence Award'
  • 2018.8
    Promote “Thermal Imaging IR Camera Module” Business
  • 2018.8
    Introduces ‘Visible Disinfection Lighting’ Solution
  • 2018.7
    Launch lawsuit for UV LED Patent Infringemen
  • 2018.6
    Introduced world’s first ‘Eye Pleasing’ LED
  • 2018.6
    Opened 'Thermoelectric Semiconductor Tech Forum'
  • 2018.6
    Launches UV LED Brand ‘InnoUV’
  • 2018.3
    Opened 'UV LED Forum'
  • 2018.1
    Developed Advanced Flip-chip LED Package


  • Nov. 2017
    Developed World's first '100mW UV-C LED'
  • Sep. 2017
    Joined Charging Interface Initiative e.V.(CharIN)
  • Aug. 2017
    Developed world-first 2nd Gen. V2X Full Module
  • Jul. 2017
    Introduced UV Sterilizer for escalator handrail
  • May. 2017
    Mass-produced thermoelectic module for mini wine cellar
  • May. 2017
    Mass-produced UV LED module for sterilizing water purifier faucet aerator
  • Mar. 2017
    Moved HQ to LG Seoul station Bldg.
  • Feb. 2017
    Developed world's first 70mW UV-C LED
  • Jan. 2017
    Mass produced Thermoelectric Module for Home Appliance and Automotive
  • Jan. 2017
    Recieved '2016 Best Supplier Award' from Broadcom


  • Oct. 2016
    Included in DJSI Korea for seven consecutive years
  • Oct. 2016
    Mass-produced 15W Wireless Charging Module
  • Jul. 2016
    Provided ESL to the GS Supermarket in Korea
  • Jun. 2016
    Received the Supplier Quality Excellence award bestowed by GM
  • May. 2016
    Developed an under glass fingerprint sensor module
  • Mar. 2016
    Developed the 15-watt transmission modules for wireless power charger
  • Feb. 2016
    Developed the ultra slim optical bio sensor module
  • Jan. 2016
    Reorganized as the HR management system into a performance-oriented system


  • Oct. 2015
    Included in DJSI(Dow Jones Sustainability Index) Korea for six consecutive years
  • Jul. 2015
    Received Best Partner Award from Continental Corporation
  • May. 2015
    Broke one billion unit mark in total camera module sales
  • Apr. 2015
    Mass-produced wireless charging transmitter module for the first time
  • Jan. 2015
    Signed the academic-industrial cooperation agreement in the field of automotive components


  • Dec. 2014
    Awarded the US$5 billion Export Tower Prize
  • Oct. 2014
    Included in DJSI (Dow Jones Sustainability Index) Korea for five consecutive years
  • Oct. 2014
    Signed MOU with Ministry of environment
  • Jun. 2014
    Established Mexico S. A. de C. V.
  • Apr. 2014
    Obtained the AEO certification
  • Mar. 2014
    Signed MOU with Ministry of Gender Equality and Family


  • Nov. 2013
    Received a prize from the Minister of Trade, Industry, and Energy at the Korea Technology Awards (Touch Window).
  • Oct. 2013
    Included in DJSI(Dow Jones Sustainability Index) Korea for four consecutive years
  • Sep. 2013
    Developed of a remote control solution for LEDs
  • Jul. 2013
    Mass-produced the first 13-megapixel optical image stabilization (OIS) camera module in the world
  • Jul. 2013
    Product of the world’s first 6-inch wafer UV LED
  • Jul. 2013
    Opened of a business-university collaboration centerfor next-generation parts and materials with Yonsei University
  • Mar. 2013
    Opened of childcare centers at all company branches
  • Feb. 2013
    Signed the an LED supply contract with Future Lighting Solutions


  • Dec. 2012
    Localized key components for smart cards
  • Nov. 2012
    Developed the wireless charging module for the mobile phone
  • Oct. 2012
    Changed Shanghai branch office to Shanghai Co., Ltd.
  • Oct. 2012
    Introduced the Fair Trade Compliance Program (CP)
  • 2012.09
    Established Guangzhou Co., Ltd.
  • Jun. 2012
    Concluded an agreement on academic-industrial cooperation with Yonam Institute of Digital Technology
  • Jun. 2012
    Constructed Gumi factory 1A
  • Jun. 2012
    Forged sisterhood ties with the 2nd armored brigade of the Korean Army on one company for one barracks
  • May. 2012
    Established Innowith, LG Innotek’s general subsidiary company, as a standard workplace for disabled persons
  • Apr. 2012
    Signed the MOU for Green Start Movement with the Ministry of Environment
  • Apr. 2012
    Concluded an MOU on Massive Investment with Gumi City
  • Apr. 2012
    Signed an agreement on training for persons with disabilities for their employment
  • Feb. 2012
    Entered into an agreement on shared growth and benefit sharing
  • Feb. 2012
    Declared fulfillment of union social responsibility (USR)


  • Oct. 2011
    Included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) Korea 2011~2012
  • Oct. 2011
    Concluded an agreement on business partnership with the Korea Electronics Technology Institute
  • Oct. 2011
    Certified as an international testing institute on eco-friendly LEDs by Energy Star, the United States
  • Sep. 2011
    Concluded an MOU with U.C Riverside
  • Apr. 2011
    Opened the LED research center for academic-industrial cooperation between LG Innotek and the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)
  • Jan. 2011
    Mass-produced the first LED 6-inch wafer in the world


  • Dec. 2010
    Entered into an agreement on academic-industrial cooperation with Pusan National University
  • Nov. 2010
    Signed an academic-industrial cooperation agreement with Pohang University of Science and Technology
  • Oct. 2010
    Completed the High-tech Materials Complex in Paju
  • Sep. 2010
    Fuzhou Co., Ltd. produced 2.5 million lead frames a month
  • Jul. 2010
    Launched LG Innotek Volunteer
  • Jul. 2010
    The Display & Network Department recorded KRW 100 billion in monthly sales
  • Jul. 2010
    Concluded an agreement with KAIST on academic-industrial cooperation on LEDs
  • Mar. 2010
    Started construction of a new factory for Yantai Co., Ltd.
  • Feb. 2010
    Produced a wireless router, 'Bridge'


  • Dec. 2009
    Indonesian corporation: Hit 0.3-billion cumulative production of tuner
  • Dec. 2009
    Made inroads into the eBook market
  • Nov. 2009
    Produced an actuator of adaptive front lighting system (AFS) for automobiles
  • Sep. 2009
    Constructed Paju high-tech material complex
  • Sep. 2009
    Developed a camera module for automobile black boxes
  • Jul. 2009
    Indonesian corporation: Hit 6-million monthly production of tuner
  • Jul. 2009
    Hyeju corporation: Hit 2-million monthly production of slim spindle motor
  • Jul. 2009
    Merged with LG Micron
  • Jun. 2009
    Yantai Co., LTD. reached daily productivity of 500,000, breaking its previous record.
  • May. 2009
    LG Innotek signed an agreement on industry-academic cooperation with Korea Polytechnic Colleges V and Chosun College University of Science & Technology.
  • Apr. 2009
    LG Innotek renew an agreement on industry-academic cooperation with Chonnam National University.
  • Apr. 2009
    Produce LED Channel Module
  • Feb. 2009
    Wireless Modem surpassed a monthly sales volume of 210 billion won.


  • Dec. 2008
    Produce Torque Sensor for automotives
  • Oct. 2008
    Obtain the first CMMI level 3 certificate in Korean electronic component market
  • Jul. 2008
    Break the record of 10 million in the monthly production and sales of coin-type vibration motors
  • Jul. 2008
    Break the accumulated production record of 100 million small LCD modules
  • Jul. 2008
    Made a stock market debut as IPO
  • May. 2008
    Develop LEC tubes for 25W
  • May. 2008
    Consolidate PCB business division
  • Apr. 2008
    Break the accumulated sales record of 20 million Bluetooth RF modules
  • Apr. 2008
    Develop the world’s first Moldless LCD Module
  • Mar. 2008
    Start the LED light board business
  • Jan. 2008
    Complete the construction of Chupal plant for wireless modem


  • Dec. 2007
    Developed a camera module for SMD-type VGA
  • Oct. 2007
    Yantai branch to be selected as one of the ten trade companies in Yantai
  • Sep. 2007
    Developed a camera module of 5 mega pixel auto-focus (9.5×9.5×6.6mm)
  • Sep. 2007
    Produced ABS motors for automotives
  • Jul. 2007
    Developed the AF camera module of super-slim 3 mega pixels
  • Jul. 2007
    Started LED business for lightings
  • Jun. 2007
    Produced ultra microwave RFID readers
  • May. 2007
    Broke the accumulated sales record of 10 million Bluetooth RF modules
  • Mar. 2007
    Developed the world’s smallest HD radio module
  • Jan. 2007
    The Gwangju Plant to achieve 10 times of no disaster(1,740 hours)


  • Dec. 2006
    LG Innotek to co-develop LED WLP “XiOb” for the first time in the world
  • Nov. 2006
    LG Innotek to develop Korea’s first 0.3mm super-slim white LED
  • Oct. 2006
    LG Innotek to develop the world’s slimmest 2M camera module of two kinds
  • Oct. 2006
    LG Innotek to break the production record of 500 million tuners
  • Aug. 2006
    Yantai Office to break the production record of 3 million cells and 1 million modules
  • Jun. 2006
    Move-in ceremony for Hanyang University Ansan LG component Institute


  • Sep. 2005
    Opening Ceremony of LG Innotek Hanyang University Ansan Campus Institute
  • Sep. 2005
    Develop the World’s first translucent OPDD(One Panel Dual Display)
  • Jul. 2005
    Develop the World’s smallest 2MB autofocus camera module
  • Apr. 2005
    LCM Division of Gumi Plant to be moved


  • Nov. 2004
    LG Innotek surpassed a monthly sales volume of 100 billion won.
  • Sep. 2004
    LG Innotek signed an agreement on industry-academic cooperation with Chonnam National University.
  • Jul. 2004
    Spun off and sold its system business unit.
  • Jun. 2004
    as U.S. Delphi’s telematics CDMA module vendor.
  • May. 2004
    Put the Photo Mask 3rd into operation
  • Jan. 2004
    Signed an agreement on white LED phosphor technology with the Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology


  • Now.2003
    Production of miniature TFT-LCD module, camera module


  • Apr. 2002
    Modulator selected as official ‘world-class’ product


  • Sep. 2001
    Tuner selected as official ‘world-class’ product
  • Mar. 2001
    Production of wireless telecommunication and power module


  • Nov. 2000
    Indonesian affiliate established
  • Oct. 2000
    Production of LED, LD
  • May. 2000
    Name changed to LG Innotek Co., Ltd


  • Nov. 1999
    Awarded Gold Medal at “New Tech Korea” Conference
  • Sep. 1999
    Awarded ‘KT Mark’ and ‘Jang Yong Sil’ Prize
  • Jul. 1999
    First Korean producer of digital tuner
  • Mar. 1999
    Merger with LG Precision Co., Ltd


  • May. 1997
    First Korean producer of SAW filter, PA module


  • Ded. 1996
    Designated as Environmentally Friendly Company


  • Mar. 1995
    ISO 9001 certification received
  • Jan. 1995
    Name changed to LG Electro-Components Co., Ltd., Mexican affiliate established


  • Nov. 1994
    U.S. marketing affiliate established
  • Oct. 1994
    Chinese affiliate established


  • Jan. 1993
    Production of miniature precision motor


  • Jul. 1992
    Production of hybrid IC


  • Dec. 1990
    Produced Photo Masks


  • Apr. 1985
    Gwangju factory established


  • Dec. 1984
    Produced Shadow masks
    Jun. 1984
    Produced of modulator, VCR Head


  • Apr. 1976
    Obtained quality management from the government


  • Oct. 1975
    Company employee training center established


  • Oct. 1974
    Labor union formed


  • Jul. 1971
    Production of Korea’s first TV tuner, Constructed for metallic pattern production facility


  • Aug. 1970
    Goldstar-Alps Electronics Co., Ltd. established