CEO Greetings

고객이 꿈꾸는 편리하고, 안전하며 즐거운 미래! LG이노텍이 만들어가겠습니다.

Welcome to LG Innotek's Website!

LG Innotek, as a global materials and components engineering service company, develops key materials and components for the industries of automotive, mobile, IoT, display, semiconductor, etc.

Our company is, in particular, leading the global market in such areas as camera modules,
photomasks, and tape substrates, and we are also preparing future business through the
development of automotive electric components and IoT components.

With the rapid innovation of products in recent years, the importance of materials and components
applied to them is increasing.

Going beyond simply being a materials and components company, LG Innotek will continue to provide
differentiated values to our customers and do its best to make every customer a winner.

Thank you.

CEO & President Cheol-Dong Jeong